One Stop A-Frame 7247 M2


Best Price Guarantee – One Stop A-Frame 7247 M2

One Stop A-Frame with a detachable design for easy disassembly and suitable to arrange or move heavy-duty stone slabs.

One Stop A-Frame includes a base frame and A-frame, providing a solid structure and a safe tilt for the stone slab to lean on.

It will be the right solution for you to store and transport slabs effectively.

Two swivel casters can provide easy maneuvering in different directions.

Ratchet securing bars can be separated and adjusted based on the size and number of stone slabs for the stability of the material.

Rubber strips on the Transport A-Frame protect stone slabs from chipping and scratching.

Forklift slots are provided on base sides to move the A-frame by forklift truck easily.

Eyelets are provided on the upper bar of the A-frame to lift by forklift or overhead crane.

One Stop A-Frame features ideal specifications to transport and store a variety of sizes of stone slabs effectively.

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Model: Frame 7247 M2
One Stop A-Frame 7247 M2
One Stop A-Frame 7247 M2

1 in stock

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