TeleSafe XLN Premium Double Part Scaffolding S004


TeleSafe XLN-Premium Two-Piece Aluminum Scaffolds are among the scaffolding groups that have the EN 1004-1:2020 standard, which has entered into force worldwide.

These scaffolds can be easily adjusted in length thanks to the special joint system, provide the opportunity to work at different heights, and offer flexibility of use.

It creates a reinforced structure with robust aluminum construction and steel outriggers, thus providing a safe and durable use. Cross and horizontal connections made of aluminum profile connect the scaffold main ladders.

Thanks to the Q-Lock Lock System, you can set it up quickly and safely.

Platform and scaffold heights can be adjusted every 28 cm with rope and pulley systems.

Inside opening platform doors allow personnel to access the platform safely.

110 cm high railings provide a safe working environment for workers.

Maximum Load Capacity: 2 kN/m2 (186 kg)

Rung Dimensions: 30×30 mm

Beam Dimensions: 75×25 mm

Platform: 12 mm Plywood Resistant to Outside Conditions

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Model: S004-XLN-PR
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TeleSafe XLN Premium Double Part Scaffolding S004

2 in stock

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