TeleSky CK470 – Multipurpose Folding Ladder


TeleSky is a multi-purpose folding aluminum ladder that can be used in different positions thanks to its special joint locking system.

These ladders offer you an excellent working experience by combining high durability, exceptional flexibility, and superior functionality.

TeleSky Ladders, which can be easily adjusted to the height and angle required by any job, can be used in the most appropriate way, providing you with practicality in all kinds of work.

Thanks to the ergonomic design and ease of use of these ladders, your productivity increases, and your time loss is minimized.

In addition, thanks to its durable aluminum material, it has a long-lasting use and is easy to carry and store with its lightweight structure.

TeleSky Ladders are an ideal option for professional use and help you complete your work more comfortably, safely, and effectively.

  • Backorder Transit Time: 90 Days
  • Additional fees may apply on Backorders.

2 in stock

Model: CK470
TeleSky CK470 – Multipurpose Folding Ladder

2 in stock

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